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Market-moving and critical information in the cryptocurrency industry is difficult to monitor. SigDev parses through thousands of primary sources around the globe to help you identify the news that matters, faster than your competitors.


How do Companies in the Mining Industry ▾ in the digital asset space use SigDev?

One Platform, All Critical Crypto Updates

SigDev tracks real-time updates from over 5,000 unique primary sources in multiple languages, including token issuer blogs, regulatory rulings, exchange APIs, press releases, SEC filings, and more. SigDev monitors nearly 50 industry participants in the mining space, including equipment manufacturers, mining pools, financiers, and other key industry participants. Our proprietary SigDev engine ingests this data and automatically categorizes it with tags (e.g., “Riot Blockchain” and “Fundraising”). This tagging enables our clients to create customized feeds and alerts on the information they need to stay on top of.

“SigDev saves me more time than I would like to admit, while at the same time giving me the comfort of knowing that I did not miss anything. ”

Jorge Pesok, Counsel at Crowell and Moring
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Real Time Customized Alerting

The prices of digital assets rapidly respond to news and changing investor sentiment. Our clients see key information faster with customized, timely, and actionable alerts they create on SigDev.

SigDev customers monitor all of their portfolio positions and counterparties in one place. They receive alerts on mainnet launches, partnerships, regulatory rulings, exchange service disruptions, hacks, and more. Our mining clients use SigDev alerts to more effectively exit or hedge their positions and quickly respond to risks.

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Deep Event and Price Movement Analysis

Our research has found that upcoming events like hard forks, protocol upgrades, and staking announcements can have significant impacts on the prices of assets. SigDev enables clients to analyze multiple years of out-of-sample news, sentiment, and pricing data to assess how the market has previously responded to similar events.

Clients can generate custom charts, overlaying significant news with our proprietary sentiment data and other metrics to analyze what is driving price movement.

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Increase Your Team’s Efficiency

The digital asset market is fragmented — staying on top of the most critical information is a time consuming and draining process. Our clients and their team members don’t have to spend countless hours every day checking token issuer blogs, Crypto Twitter, Telegram, Discord, governance forums, and dozens of newsletters. Our customers monitor the entire crypto industry faster and more efficiently than their competitors.

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