Developer Data

Identify the Tokens Creating the Healthiest Developer Communities

Without thriving developer communities, token projects are destined to fail. Developers build the protocols and applications, and are responsible for ensuring the resiliency of the code and the quality of the product. Building conviction in an asset requires deep knowledge of its developer community — the industry insiders who push projects forward. Our industry-leading developer dataset takes simple metrics like developer and commit count a step further. We turned developer activity into actionable analytics, enabling you to monitor major technological updates, track which projects are attracting or losing developer talent, and compare the health of token projects.
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Key Benefits

The Tie Developer Data

Actionable Developer Metrics

Monitor major technological updates, track projects attracting or losing developer talent, and compare the health of token projects with industry-leading developer data.
Competitive Comparison and Benchmarking

Compare development communities across assets, identify tokens with the largest development communities, and detect unusual increases in development activity for strategic decision-making.
Real-Time Developer Movement Tracking

Access a real-time feed of new and departing developers, assess the quality of developers contributing to tokens, and analyze overlapping development activity to identify emerging tokens and long-term success potential.
A closer look at

Developer Data

Quantify the Size of Development Communities and Benchmark Activity

Unique Development Analytics

  • Track and compare development activity across coins.

Competitive Benchmarking

  • Universally applicable metrics enable comparisons, such as identifying Layer 1 tokens attracting or churning the most developers.

Sector-Specific Analysis

  • Compare projects within market sectors to find the largest development communities and detect unusual activity spikes.

In-Depth Metrics

  • Analyze new vs churning developers, active developers and commits, individual developer activity, and data on code repositories for tokens.

Track Which Projects the Top Developers are Working on in Real-Time

Real-Time Feed

  • Monitor new developers joining and leaving projects to identify emerging projects and avoid tokens losing talent.

Rich Developer Data

  • Assess each developer's prior experience and contributions to other crypto projects for context on their pedigree and importance.

Overlapping Development

  • Analyze shared development activity between coins (e.g. projects Ethereum developers contribute to) to identify emerging tokens and gain an edge.


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The Tie Terminal™ is the leading information platform for institutions in digital assets. With its unmatched breadth and depth of proprietary data, our platform powers a consolidated workflow, giving professionals all the information they need to stay on top of the crypto market, and make more informed decisions.
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On-Chain Data

The Tie’s crypto-native data expertise translates raw blockchain transaction data into proprietary comparative metrics and clear, meaningful insights.

Private Company & Investor Data

Track key fundraising, growth, news, and investment metrics for 1,000+ Private Companies and 500+ Funds in digital assets.

Social Media & Sentiment Data

More than a dozen metrics provide deep insight into Social Media conversations across leading platforms including Twitter, YouTube, 4chan, and TikTok.

Token Unlock Data

Manually-vetted coverage of future and historical unlock events for 100+ tokens, to analyze historical market impact and make informed decisions around future unlocks.

News API

Bring The Tie’s best-in-class News coverage into your quantitative models, including news from 4,000+ sources, 4+ years of point-in-time, out-of-sample data.

Sentiment API

Improve your quantitative models with our best-in-class Sentiment API. The Sentiment API provides both raw conversation volumes and quantified sentiment, with various lookbacks and frequencies.

Token Unlock API

Integrate our best-in-class Token Unlock Data via API. 100,000+ historical unlock events allow for thorough backtesting, enabling quantitative funds to be well-positioned for future unlocks.

Coin Profiles

Dive into complete coverage of an asset, and access all relevant datasets on a single screen. Instead of going to dozens of disparate platforms to track a coin, our Coin Profiles enable users to stay on top of asset descriptions, news, market data, sentiment, on-chain, data, protocol financials, and much more.


Leverage The Tie Terminal’s Charting capabilities for both real-time tracking for hundreds of metrics, as well as longer-term indexing, benchmarking, and cross-asset comparisons.


Create your own market overview with hundreds of unique metrics. Leverage advanced filtration to identify opportunities that meet specific criteria, and share useful layouts with your team.