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moves the market.

We help businesses in the cryptocurrency industry make more-effective data driven decisions with our proprietary suite of analytical tools. Our clients include hedge funds, token issuers, market makers, OTC desks, exchanges, and other leading market participants.

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SigDev Terminal
The fastest and most comprehensive platform for monitoring significant market-moving cryptocurrency news and quantified investor sentiment.
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Token Labs
Developed to help token foundations track, analyze, optimize, and plan marketing efforts, investor relations, and community engagements.
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Want to integrate or redistribute our data?
Sentiment and SigDev™ API
Sentiment is the leading indicator of cryptocurrency price movement and we're at the forefront of analyzing investor emotions.

There is no other product on the market that comes close to delivering such a comprehensive overview of significant market-moving information in the crypto industry.

Jon Rice
Editor in Chief of Cointelegraph

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