Redistribution (Exchanges & Brokerages)

Level-Up Your Trading Platform With Our Data

There are hundreds of exchanges and brokerages in this industry with little differentiation. In addition to the challenge of attracting clients, it’s difficult to retain them. With trading fees experiencing a race to zero and major assets already being available in most venues, exchanges need to elevate their platforms above the competition in unique ways. We provide exchange platforms with actionable metrics and alerts to help them build more compelling offerings and drive increased trading volume activity.
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Key Benefits

Redistribute The Tie's Data

Drive Web Traffic & Engagement

Enhance your platform with unique indicators (e.g. social activity, on-chain stats) to attract visitors and generate trade ideas.
Convert & Maximize Trading Volume

Use limited previews to convert visitors to funded accounts, and provide actionable data and alerts to maximize trading volume and engage clients in market opportunities.
Tailored Solutions & Fast Integration

Collaborate with our team to design custom integrations, ranging from news feeds to data terminals. Benefit from production-ready APIs, optional bespoke iframes, and rapid time to market.

How We Can Help

Drive More Web Traffic

Without proprietary analytics and tools, non-registered users have little reason to visit a trading venue. We can work with you to build a free-to-use offering that drives additional traffic and usage to your site or mobile app.

Build in-platform market overview dashboards with unique indicators, such as social activity, on-chain activity, or exchange inflow/outflow stats, to compel non-registered users to visit your platform for insights and trade ideas. Build entire asset pages using our data to improve SEO and drive increased traffic to your platform.


Convert Website Visitors to Funded Accounts

Give limited previews of our indicators to non-registered users, but require them to create an account to unlock full access.


Maximize Trading Volume

Actionable and trustworthy data encourages trade idea generation and execution. Provide indicators to improve trading activity of users, such as the top 5 highest tokens by market sentiment. Leverage our alerting infrastructure to deliver timely and actionable insights to your clients that engage them in market opportunities (ex: alert clients every time an asset sees a 100% increase in on-chain activity or when a major market moving news event occurs).

Solutions Tailored To Your Needs

Institutional-Quality Data

  • Integrate the same data that we provide to the world's most sophisticated investors to users of your platform

Customized Data Integration

  • Collaborate with our team to design data integrations that align with your unique needs, from simple news feeds to fully-embedded data terminals

Explore Our Diverse Datasets

Why The Tie?

Industry-Leading Data Quality

Integrate the same data that we use on The Tie Terminal and that is trusted by more than 150 of the leading hedge funds and institutional investors in crypto.


Fastest Integration Time

The Tie’s APIs are production ready for immediate integration. If development resources are a constraint, we can also deliver bespoke iframes designed to look and feel native to your platforms. Don’t let development limitations constrain your time to market - go live this month, not next year.
The Tie for Nexo - 100% of this page is delivered via iframes designed to look native to Nexo

All In One

We offer news feeds, alerting, sentiment data, on-chain indicators, developer metrics, and more via a consolidated API. We are the only partner you need to reinvent your trading platform.

Our data and tools are integrated into major exchanges and trading venues, including:


Explore The Tie's Datasets & APIs

Developer Data

Contextualize the health of a token’s developer community. Understand which projects are gaining or losing developers, benchmark a project’s developer activity against competitors, and follow key developer movements to new projects.

On-Chain Data

The Tie’s crypto-native data expertise translates raw blockchain transaction data into proprietary comparative metrics and clear, meaningful insights.

Private Company & Investor Data

Track key fundraising, growth, news, and investment metrics for 1,000+ Private Companies and 500+ Funds in digital assets.

Social Media & Sentiment Data

More than a dozen metrics provide deep insight into Social Media conversations across leading platforms including Twitter, YouTube, 4chan, and TikTok.

Token Unlock Data

Manually-vetted coverage of future and historical unlock events for 100+ tokens, to analyze historical market impact and make informed decisions around future unlocks.

News API

Bring The Tie’s best-in-class News coverage into your quantitative models, including news from 4,000+ sources, 4+ years of point-in-time, out-of-sample data.

Sentiment API

Improve your quantitative models with our best-in-class Sentiment API. The Sentiment API provides both raw conversation volumes and quantified sentiment, with various lookbacks and frequencies.

Token Unlock API

Integrate our best-in-class Token Unlock Data via API. 100,000+ historical unlock events allow for thorough backtesting, enabling quantitative funds to be well-positioned for future unlocks.

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