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Integrate The Tie's Best-in-Class News via API

Quantitative funds trust The Tie's News API to improve their models. The Tie's News API provides comprehensive coverage, with real-time updates from thousands of primary and secondary sources. Robust tagging and topic models enable customizable News Feeds, allowing you to focus on what matters most to your strategy. With 4+ years of point-in-time, out-of-sample News items, the News API enables quantitative funds to thoroughly backtest and build models to capitalize on future events.
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Key Benefits

The Tie News API

Comprehensive & Real-Time

Get breaking news before it's published with a direct stream of real-time news from thousands of primary and secondary sources.
Accuracy & Relevance

Benefit from proprietary tagging models that filter out noise and deliver cleaner, more relevant news.
Deep Historical Coverage

Access 4+ years of point-in-time, out-of-sample historical news data for more accurate backtesting and model building.
A closer look at

News API

One Feed for All Breaking News

Impact of News

  • In the volatile crypto market, news significantly influences asset prices and market movements.

Centralized Information

  • Overcome the challenge of decentralized information sources in crypto.

Real-Time & Customizable

  • The Tie's News API consolidates thousands of sources into a single, real-time, customizable feed.

Get the News Before It's Published

Real-Time News

  • The Tie delivers news directly from primary and secondary sources (tokens, exchanges, SEC filings, etc.).

Trusted by Industry Leaders

  • In addition to our institutional clients, three of the four largest crypto publications rely on The Tie Terminal as their main source of breaking stories.

Cleaner and More Relevant News

Direct Access to Real-Time News

  • The Tie delivers a direct stream of primary and secondary sources, including tokens, exchanges, SEC filings, and more, providing a competitive edge in identifying opportunities and managing risk.

Accurate and Relevant News

  • Proprietary models and crypto-native experts ensure accurate tagging of news items, eliminating noise and irrelevant content, and allowing you to focus on key crypto events and topics.

Customizable News Feeds

  • Create highly-refined news feeds by combining tags, topics, and sources, or choose from pre-set recommended feeds for high-impact events like exchange listings, hacks, and regulatory rulings.

Deep History and Coverage

Comprehensive Historical News Data

  • Access 4+ years of point-in-time, out-of-sample news across thousands of topics and sources.

Enhance Backtesting and Modeling

  • Utilize The Tie's extensive historical news data to run accurate backtests and build robust models.

Drive Alpha with News Data

  • Consult with The Tie's team to discover how clients leverage our news data to generate alpha in their strategies.

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