The Most Powerful Tab In Crypto

Information in the digital asset space is siloed across hundreds of unique websites and platforms.

People waste hours searching for data and insights, relying on a plethora of unvetted and often unreliable sources. The Tie Terminal Dashboard was designed to consolidate all of our industry-leading and proprietary datasets into a single tab, enabling the most comprehensive and customizable view of crypto information.
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Key Benefits

The Tie Terminal Dashboard

One-Stop Crypto Dashboard

Access a wide range of data, including derivatives, news, market sentiment, research, and more, all in one place with The Tie Terminal Dashboard.
Customization & Flexibility

Build your own custom dashboards using the Component Library, and collaborate with a dedicated account manager to create your ideal workspace for monitoring the market.
Seamless Data Integration

Use the Component Builder to integrate proprietary and third-party data into The Tie Dashboards with simple API calls or Python scripts, streamlining your workflow and enhancing reliability.
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100+ Unique Components Out of the Box

Comprehensive Coverage

  • Access derivatives data, news, on-chain flows, market sentiment, macroeconomic indicators, research, protocol revenue, unlock data, crypto event calendars, developer analytics, market screeners, and more in a single screen.

Over 100 Pre-Configured Components

  • Choose from charts, tables, feeds, and indicators for unparalleled coverage of the digital asset space.

Customizable Dashboards

  • Build your own dashboards using the Component Library, select from evolving default dashboards, or collaborate with your dedicated account manager to create your ideal workspace for monitoring the market.

Developer-Friendly Tooling Enables Custom Integrations

Overcome Limitations of Traditional Terminals

  • Don't be restricted to vendor-provided datasets, information, and indicators.

Integrate Proprietary and Third-Party Data

  • Use our Component Builder to seamlessly incorporate your in-house datasets or indicators from external sources into your workflow.

Simple & Customizable Integration

  • Utilize easy API calls or customizable Python scripts to integrate data into The Tie Terminal Dashboards.

Streamline Your Workflow

  • Leverage the Terminal's extensive Component Library and developer-friendly customization to consolidate your workflow from thirty unvetted tabs into a single, reliable dashboard.


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The Tie Terminal

The most comprehensive data platform for institutions in digital assets.

The Tie Terminal™ is the leading information platform for institutions in digital assets. With its unmatched breadth and depth of proprietary data, our platform powers a consolidated workflow, giving professionals all the information they need to stay on top of the crypto market, and make more informed decisions.
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From single metric to complex, multi-factor alerts, get notified of critical market moves in real time.


Leverage The Tie Terminal’s Charting capabilities for both real-time tracking for hundreds of metrics, as well as longer-term indexing, benchmarking, and cross-asset comparisons.

Coin Profiles

Dive into complete coverage of an asset, and access all relevant datasets on a single screen. Instead of going to dozens of disparate platforms to track a coin, our Coin Profiles enable users to stay on top of asset descriptions, news, market data, sentiment, on-chain, data, protocol financials, and much more.

Finance Trends

The Tie Terminal’s Finance Trends are proprietary, crypto-native fundamental valuation metrics built with on-chain data. Understand a token’s value-accrual mechanisms, cash flows, fee structures, and governance rights to make more informed decisions.


Communicate with The Tie’s network of 500+ institutional market participants in a secure and compliant environment.


The Tie’s best-in-class News functionality delivers users with complete coverage of the crypto market, with 4,000+ primary and secondary sources. Create custom News Feeds leveraging our robust tagging models.


Access crypto market color and commentary from The Tie and 20+ leading hedge funds, OTC desks, tokens, and service providers.


Create your own market overview with hundreds of unique metrics. Leverage advanced filtration to identify opportunities that meet specific criteria, and share useful layouts with your team.

Mobile App

The Terminal’s Key Features power The Tie Terminal Mobile App, enabling you to stay on top of the market and communicate on-the-go.

Usage Trends

Deep insights into user growth, retention rate, churn, competition, and customer concentration, built using on-chain data. These proprietary insights enable diligence not possible elsewhere.