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Institutional-Grade NFT Insights

Our comprehensive coverage across multiple blockchains provides institutional investors with a range of insightful NFT-related metrics, with a suite of capabilities that track ecosystem-level trends and make it easy to monitor entire collections, or individual tokens.
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The Tie NFT Data

Comprehensive Coverage

Track any collection built on several leading Layer 1s, and discover exchange and ecosystem-level insights to gauge overall health and momentum.
Deep Insights

Make data-driven decisions with a suite of NFT metrics including transaction volumes, sales volumes, price changes over time, unique holders, and much more.
Track Your Portfolio

Add individual NFTs or entire collections to a watchlist to monitor key metrics and easily navigate to a collection profile for further analysis.
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NFT Data

Monitor Trends

Top Sales & Trending Collections

  • View the top individual NFT sales in the past week and the NFT collections driving the highest volumes, with insight into the current floor price and changes over time, unique owners, and transaction volumes.

Exchange-Level Metrics

  • Understand where NFT activity is taking place, with datasets stratified by exchange: view volumes, transaction counts, and unique users for the leading NFT marketplaces.

Unique Insights

  • The Tie’s NFT coverage includes proprietary insights, such as our Blue Chip PFP index, which compares a basket of top collections’ performance against BTC and ETH over time.

Live Minting Data

  • Discover emerging NFT projects with real-time minting data, including the number of NFTs minted and unique minters across several timeframes.

Deep Dive Into Projects

Collection Explorer

  • All NFT collections have a dedicated profile, with several insightful tabs which come together to give users a comprehensive understanding of a project’s activity and health.

Key Metrics

  • Quickly contextualize a project’s performance with metrics like trading volume, number of transactions, average sale price, and floor price, as well as a project’s market cap, supply, unique holders, and mint price.

Holder Distribution & Insights

  • Understand the ownership distribution of any project with tracking of unique owners, as well as a chart reflecting buys vs unique buyers. Each collection’s profile also features a profit leaderboard, showing the addresses that have been most profitable over time. 

Stay on Top of Your Portfolio

Keep Up With Your Favorite Collections

  • Add any NFT collection to a Watchlist for easy access. NFT watchlists feature several high-level metrics providing an at-a-glance view of performance, with the ability to go into any collection’s profile for further exploration.

Follow Individual NFTs

  • Whether it’s an NFT you own or you’re positioning to buy it, users can save any individual token to a watchlist to monitor key metrics like previous sale price, rarity score, and the address of the previous buyer.


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The most comprehensive data platform for institutions in digital assets.

The Tie Terminal™ is the leading information platform for institutions in digital assets. With its unmatched breadth and depth of proprietary data, our platform powers a consolidated workflow, giving professionals all the information they need to stay on top of the crypto market, and make more informed decisions.
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Explore The Tie's Datasets & APIs

On-Chain Data

The Tie’s crypto-native data expertise translates raw blockchain transaction data into proprietary comparative metrics and clear, meaningful insights.

Private Company & Investor Data

Track key fundraising, growth, news, and investment metrics for 1,000+ Private Companies and 500+ Funds in digital assets.

Social Media & Sentiment Data

More than a dozen metrics provide deep insight into Social Media conversations across leading platforms including Twitter, YouTube, 4chan, and TikTok.

Token Unlock Data

Manually-vetted coverage of future and historical unlock events for 100+ tokens, to analyze historical market impact and make informed decisions around future unlocks.

Market Data

With coverage for 900+ cryptocurrencies, by-the-minute or faster price updates, deep historical data, and hundreds of exchange-specific trading pairs, our Market Data powers a suite of tools across The Tie Terminal.

News API

Bring The Tie’s best-in-class News coverage into your quantitative models, including news from 4,000+ sources, 4+ years of point-in-time, out-of-sample data.

Sentiment API

Improve your quantitative models with our best-in-class Sentiment API. The Sentiment API provides both raw conversation volumes and quantified sentiment, with various lookbacks and frequencies.

Token Unlock API

Integrate our best-in-class Token Unlock Data via API. 100,000+ historical unlock events allow for thorough backtesting, enabling quantitative funds to be well-positioned for future unlocks.


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