Token Unlock Data

The Most Complete and Vetted Token Unlock Data in Crypto

When investors and founders vest out of their tokens, price action often follows. However, public data on unlocks is sparse and frequently inaccurate - citing whitepapers with stale information or failing to diligence claims made by teams around their vesting schedules. We recognize that high quality unlock data is critical for risk mitigation and opportunity identification. So, we built the most robust unlock dataset in the market to service the needs of digital asset market professionals.
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Key Benefits

The Tie Token Unlock Data

Robust & Vetted Unlock Data

Access the most comprehensive token unlock dataset, vetted through a thorough four-step process, for risk mitigation and opportunity identification.
Identify Opportunities

Use the Unlock Screener to view and filter upcoming unlocks, identifying actionable trading opportunities based on criteria such as market cap and trading volume.
Analyze Market Impact

Leverage nearly 100,000 historical unlock events to understand the relative size and market impact of unlocks, and make informed decisions for optimal positioning in future events.
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Token Unlock Data

Our Vetting Process

Rigorous four-step manual process for adding support for new token's unlock data:

  • In-depth review of token whitepapers.
  • Examination of current and prior governance proposals related to a token's vesting schedule.
  • Engagement with a token project's team for information verification.
  • Review of on-chain vesting contracts to confirm alignment between team's claims and smart contract.

Identify Trading Opportunities

Unlock Screener

  • The Tie Terminal's powerful tool for viewing and filtering all upcoming unlocks in the crypto market.

Customizable Criteria

  • Screen for specific opportunities, such as unlocks occurring in the next 30 days that represent 10% or more of a token's market cap or average trading volume.

Actionable Trading Opportunities

  • With thousands of upcoming unlock events tracked, Terminal users have a consistent flow of valuable insights for informed trading decisions.

Mitigate Unlock Risk

Know when upcoming unlocks are happening with assets in your portfolio so that you can hedge your risk or position accordingly. View past unlocks on those assets and track how the market responded to prior events to better inform your decision-making.

Track the Impact of Token Unlocks on the Market

Analyze Unlock Impact

  • Understand the relative size and historical market reactions to nearly 100,000 token unlock events with The Tie Terminal.

Visualize Historical Trends

  • Overlay prior unlock events on charts to assess historical price impact and how unlocks have impacted other metrics like trading volume, social conversations, and number of active addresses.

Optimal Positioning

  • Leverage historical unlock data to be strategically prepared for the next significant unlock event.


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The Tie Terminal

The most comprehensive data platform for institutions in digital assets.

The Tie Terminal™ is the leading information platform for institutions in digital assets. With its unmatched breadth and depth of proprietary data, our platform powers a consolidated workflow, giving professionals all the information they need to stay on top of the crypto market, and make more informed decisions.
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Explore The Tie's Datasets & APIs

Developer Data

Contextualize the health of a token’s developer community. Understand which projects are gaining or losing developers, benchmark a project’s developer activity against competitors, and follow key developer movements to new projects.

On-Chain Data

The Tie’s crypto-native data expertise translates raw blockchain transaction data into proprietary comparative metrics and clear, meaningful insights.

Private Company & Investor Data

Track key fundraising, growth, news, and investment metrics for 1,000+ Private Companies and 500+ Funds in digital assets.

Social Media & Sentiment Data

More than a dozen metrics provide deep insight into Social Media conversations across leading platforms including Twitter, YouTube, 4chan, and TikTok.

News API

Bring The Tie’s best-in-class News coverage into your quantitative models, including news from 4,000+ sources, 4+ years of point-in-time, out-of-sample data.

Sentiment API

Improve your quantitative models with our best-in-class Sentiment API. The Sentiment API provides both raw conversation volumes and quantified sentiment, with various lookbacks and frequencies.

Token Unlock API

Integrate our best-in-class Token Unlock Data via API. 100,000+ historical unlock events allow for thorough backtesting, enabling quantitative funds to be well-positioned for future unlocks.


Leverage The Tie Terminal’s Charting capabilities for both real-time tracking for hundreds of metrics, as well as longer-term indexing, benchmarking, and cross-asset comparisons.

Coin Profiles

Dive into complete coverage of an asset, and access all relevant datasets on a single screen. Instead of going to dozens of disparate platforms to track a coin, our Coin Profiles enable users to stay on top of asset descriptions, news, market data, sentiment, on-chain, data, protocol financials, and much more.


Get the entire crypto market in one screen. Customize your workspace with 100+ pre-built components, and seamlessly integrate third-party data via API or Python script.