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The Most Comprehensive Page for Analyzing a Digital Asset

In the cryptocurrency market, deep analysis of an individual token requires you to visit dozens of disconnected and often untrustworthy websites to track news, market data, asset descriptions, sentiment data, protocol revenue, on-chain data, research, unlocks, and other key analytics. With The Tie Terminal, you only need to visit a single page. The Tie Terminal's individual coins page provides the most comprehensive and in-depth coverage for nearly 1,000 leading digital assets, enabling you to dive deep on any asset or benchmark it against its peers, sectors, or chain.
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Key Benefits

The Tie Terminal Coin Profiles

Consolidated Information

Find everything you need to understand a token with a comprehensive suite of insightful datasets.
Deep Comparisons

Contextualize a coin’s performance by benchmarking against other coins or categories.

Coverage goes beyond standard metrics, delivering insights specific to the digital asset market.

Coin Profiles

Market Data

Key Insights for Price, Trading Volume, and More

These essential metrics provide the starting point for deeper investigation, allowing you to quickly understand and compare a coin's current and historical performance.
  • Benchmark the performance of an asset against a competitor or sector
  • Track funding rates
  • Monitor liquidity, spread, supply, and additional key indicators

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On-Chain & Ownership

Discover Key Insights On-Chain

The Tie's on-chain expertise translates raw blockchain data into actionable insights and opportunities to build conviction around an asset.

For example, large transactions may signal downward price pressure, while inflows to exchanges could imply holders want to sell, and exchange outflows suggest a lower likelihood of selling.

Tracking the activity of early holders and whales helps characterize a coin's long-term outlook. And seeing what other coins owners hold helps assess risk and prepare for knock-on effects of market moves.

  • Compare a range of on-chain metrics across assets, sectors, and chains
  • Track percentage of supply on exchanges, and corresponding net flows
  • Download key metrics as CSV for further analysis in Excel or Google Sheets

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Usage Trends

Understand User Behavior

Powered by our on-chain data, Usage Trends delivers a suite of insightful metrics around user behavior, activity, and concentration, enabling the deepest diligence of crypto projects.

With Usage Trends, Terminal users can go deep on understanding how well a project is setting up for long-term success.

  • Track usage of a particular protocol and benchmark to peers
  • Monitor growth and retention rates across user cohorts, and compare to key competitors
  • Track where a specific project's churned users are migrating
  • View time-of-day usage metrics to proxy for geographic distribution
  • Monitor and compare customer concentration across coins, and dive into individual customer-level data

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Finance Trends

Fundamental Valuation Metrics for Tokens

Understanding a token's value-accrual mechanisms is an important consideration to build conviction around an asset. Finance Trends delivers deep insights into token revenues and cash flows, and corresponding distribution to token holders.
  • Tokenomic descriptions highlight a project's value accrual mechanisms and fee structures
  • Understand a project's total revenue generated, average fees paid per user, and user lifetime value
  • Market Cap/Fees ratio provides a crypto-native valuation metric similar to P/E in traditional markets

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Token Unlock

Understand the Impact of Unlock Events

Monitoring an asset's vesting schedule is crucial to understanding underlying risks, because they can affect both circulating supply and selling pressure. Unfortunately, most unlock data is not properly vetted, which exposes you to unanticipated risk.

Our data on token emissions, unlock schedules, and protocol mechanics is curated manually and vetted by crypto-native experts to ensure accuracy.

  • View upcoming and historical unlocks
  • Track coin funding rounds and investor return data
  • Monitor asset supply and vesting schedules across holder types
  • Get detailed notes from our team of experts on issues around a token's vesting or multisig

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Consolidated Coverage

Staying on top of the news is critical for effective risk management and opportunity identification. However, actionable news updates come from a range of disparate sources, which makes it difficult to keep up.

News within Coin Profiles consolidates all token-specific coverage in a single view, including updates directly from the project, and the price impact following each story.

  • Side-by-side views of all recent news about an asset and direct project updates
  • Monitor how news stories are impacting an asset's price, volume, and other key metrics

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Track Developer Activity

Developers are key to the success of crypto projects. By following developers from one project to the next, and tracking their activity, you may discover which protocols are gaining (or losing) traction.
  • Monitor developer movements to identify when key technical talent joins or leaves a project
  • View summarized developer notes for every major release
  • Track key metrics across hundreds of tokens, including active developers, developer churn, commit counts, and repo-level data

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Social Media Conversation, Quantified.

Our proprietary metrics track conversations for hundreds of assets across a wide range of social platforms, using highly-refined natural language processing to accurately quantify sentiment.
  • See topline metrics from Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and 4chan
  • Track the geographic distribution of conversations around a particular asset
  • View web traffic trends and compare coins against peers

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Contextualize Market-Related Risks

These critical datasets help institutional investors understand potential exposures in depth and detail, evaluate worst-case scenarios, and build conviction in crypto trading strategies.
  • Compare a coin's correlation or beta against coins, sectors, or traditional market indices
  • Monitor an asset's Sharpe ratio and volatility
  • Understand worst-case scenarios with Value-at-Risk (VaR) analysis

Asset Descriptions

Context & Background

Understand important details about each token, including its history, core functionality, and value-accrual mechanisms.


Relevant Market Color & Commentary

Get a consolidated view of all research and commentary for a selected token, including research reports from The Tie and dozens of third-party partners, including OTC desks, institutional service providers, and funds. Coin Profiles offer a simple, efficient way to see all of the research for an asset. Select any piece of research to read the full report.

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Keep Tabs on Proposals

If an asset of interest uses a decentralized model, it is important to stay on top of governance proposals and voting results that could significantly alter the project roadmap, token supply, treasury, and your position. Coin Profiles consolidate all active and closed Governance proposals, as well as voting results, for the selected asset.


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The Tie Terminal™ is the leading information platform for institutions in digital assets. With its unmatched breadth and depth of proprietary data, our platform powers a consolidated workflow, giving professionals all the information they need to stay on top of the crypto market, and make more informed decisions.
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From single metric to complex, multi-factor alerts, get notified of critical market moves in real time.


Leverage The Tie Terminal’s Charting capabilities for both real-time tracking for hundreds of metrics, as well as longer-term indexing, benchmarking, and cross-asset comparisons.


Get the entire crypto market in one screen. Customize your workspace with 100+ pre-built components, and seamlessly integrate third-party data via API or Python script.

Finance Trends

The Tie Terminal’s Finance Trends are proprietary, crypto-native fundamental valuation metrics built with on-chain data. Understand a token’s value-accrual mechanisms, cash flows, fee structures, and governance rights to make more informed decisions.


Communicate with The Tie’s network of 500+ institutional market participants in a secure and compliant environment.


The Tie’s best-in-class News functionality delivers users with complete coverage of the crypto market, with 4,000+ primary and secondary sources. Create custom News Feeds leveraging our robust tagging models.


Access crypto market color and commentary from The Tie and 20+ leading hedge funds, OTC desks, tokens, and service providers.


Create your own market overview with hundreds of unique metrics. Leverage advanced filtration to identify opportunities that meet specific criteria, and share useful layouts with your team.

Mobile App

The Terminal’s Key Features power The Tie Terminal Mobile App, enabling you to stay on top of the market and communicate on-the-go.

Usage Trends

Deep insights into user growth, retention rate, churn, competition, and customer concentration, built using on-chain data. These proprietary insights enable diligence not possible elsewhere.

Market Data

With coverage for 900+ cryptocurrencies, by-the-minute or faster price updates, deep historical data, and hundreds of exchange-specific trading pairs, our Market Data powers a suite of tools across The Tie Terminal.

Developer Data

Contextualize the health of a token’s developer community. Understand which projects are gaining or losing developers, benchmark a project’s developer activity against competitors, and follow key developer movements to new projects.

On-Chain Data

The Tie’s crypto-native data expertise translates raw blockchain transaction data into proprietary comparative metrics and clear, meaningful insights.

Social Media & Sentiment Data

More than a dozen metrics provide deep insight into Social Media conversations across leading platforms including Twitter, YouTube, 4chan, and TikTok.

Token Unlock Data

Manually-vetted coverage of future and historical unlock events for 100+ tokens, to analyze historical market impact and make informed decisions around future unlocks.