News and Sentiment API

Actionable data to enhance your product or trading strategy

Product teams and quantitative funds trust our APIs to deliver the fastest and most comprehensive streams of news and sentiment data.

APIs built to power our institutional data platform that easily integrate into your application.

Our unified API powers all of the data on the SigDev Terminal and that same data is easily integrated into our clients applications. Included among our clients are trading venues, which notify clients of strong shifts in investor sentiment to drive trading volume, research platforms, which integrate news feeds for individual assets, and data terminals, which integrate unique signals to help clients make smarter decisions.

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SigDev™ (News)
SigDev (News) API

Our SigDev API ingests real-time news from the most comprehensive set of thousands of primary sources, including SEC filings, regulatory rulings, token issuer blogs, exchange APIs, and more. Our tagging models automatically detect relevant assets in stories, and our classification engine helps assess the significance of any article. For example, you can query our API to return every headline mentioning Bitcoin ETFs directly from US regulators or to output every 51% attack on an asset in your portfolio when that attack is reported by the token itself.

With hundreds of thousands of historical-tagged news stories, there is so much you can explore with the SigDev feed. Contact us to learn more about how some of the top firms in the space use our SigDev API to stay ahead of their competitors and generate alpha.

Sentiment API

In an asset class devoid of fundamentals, sentiment is the leading driver of cryptocurrency price movement. We quantify investor sentiment across more than 500 cryptocurrencies and delivers that data in real-time to the leading quantitative and research-driven hedge funds.

We leverage exclusive access to the Twitter Firehose—full real-time stream of 1B tweets a day—to deliver the most accurate point-in-time representation of cryptocurrency investor sentiment. We have more than three years of out-of-sample crypto Twitter data and extensive back-testing to help our clients build confidence in their models.

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