Labs for Token Issuers

Optimizing data-driven marketing, PR, and go-to-market strategy.

We understand how data impacts markets, and we arm our token clients with the knowledge and tools that they need to capitalize on our information advantage.

Why Token Labs?

The Tie is the leading provider of crypto data to institutions. Nearly one hundred of the largest hedge funds in crypto trust our sentiment, news, market, and on-chain data to help them make more informed investment decisions.

Speaking with founders of leading protocols, we realized that there was an even bigger opportunity for issuers. Reverse engineer the same data that cryptos biggest funds are using to trade, to help token issuers make more informed data-driven decisions.

Our team of data scientists and analysts understand what drives market performance. We use that data to help systematic hedge funds improve the win rate of their strategies. With Labs, our token clients have the opportunity to work hands-on and ask questions to our quantitative team — ensuring educated data-driven decisionmaking across key marketing, PR, and GTM strategic initiatives.

Example Case Studies

Is Sponsoring This YouTuber Worth the Money?

Evaluate a partnership with a YouTube Influencer, relative to other channels with similar followings, and estimate the resulting increase in social volume.


  • Use proprietary YouTube database to summarize channel growth relative to other relevant influencers.
  • Evaluate the historical content space of the channel to ensure messaging fit, and verify client's benefit from content.
  • Estimate expected increases in social conversation across Twitter, TikTok, Reddit, and more as a proxy for ROI.

Data driven approach to marketing dollar optimization for successful and ROI positive influencer marketing. This time save allowed the client peace of mind on spend, extra time, and unanimous support of the partnership within the organization

Building Targeted Ad Campaigns in the UK

How is crypto adoption distributed across the UK? How has it evolved over time? How popular is my token in the UK and which regions should I focus on?


  • Using our Twitter database, we divided tweets mentioning major cryptocurrencies by region and subregions.
  • For each region/subregion, we determine the number of tweets with positive, neutral, or negative sentiment.
  • Summarize the information over time by region/subregion.

  • Interactive map of Twitter activity on major cryptos in the UK, evolution over time of the positive and negative activity and reaction to events.
  • Client was able to determine which areas to run meet-ups and advertisements in.

Identifying the Optimal Publication for a Partnership Announcement

Where is the best place to make my upcoming partnership announcement, optimizing for price impact?


  • Use NLP to tag announcement types.
  • Measure change in price, volume, etc. post announcement.
  • Over long-term averaging, quantify the most impactful source.

  • Medium and Cointelegraph are the most popular places to make partnership announcements - and they have good returns. Coindesk is less popular but has very positive returns on average.
  • Many publications have no influence (or negative), so they are not worth your time or money.

Built on the most comprehensive digital assets data coverage

Proprietary and third party data sets to streamline decision-making.

News and Updates

The fastest and most comprehensive news updates in crypto. Coverage on thousands of primary and secondary sources.

Spot and Derivatives Data

Real-time spot market updates from the leading crypto exchanges. Open-interest, funding, and futures data.

Sentiment Data

Four years of point-in-time sentiment data built on Twitter’s Firehose. Quantified data on TikTok and YouTube to identify retail trends before the market reacts.

On-Chain Data

Cross chain comparative TVL metrics. Data on holdings, ownership distribution, and whale movements.

NFT Analytics

Real-time mint tracking to identify the newest projects. Monitoring on NFT market trends and bluechip projects.

Company Data

Funding, web-traffic, news, and team growth data. Monitor custodians, exchanges, service providers, miners, and funds.

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