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By Chí Phan / September 15, 2023

Unpacking the current state of decentralized exchanges (DEXs), advantages and disadvantages to CEXs, and exploring innovative models gaining traction in DeFi.

By Alex Green / August 23, 2023

Recapping the Q3 Tezos State of the Ecosystem call, where key leaders at the Tezos Foundation discussed the latest developments across its primary verticals, Arts & Culture, DeFi, and Blockchain Gaming.

By Jake Langer / July 20, 2023

The Tie’s Director of Strategy & BD, Sacha Ghebali, presented “The 3 ‘U’s of Alternative On-Chain Data” at EthCC 6 in Paris. In his presentation, he looked at the importance of Unlocks, Usage, and Unit Economics. Find the full presentation below, as well as a recap covering some of the key charts and insights that […]

By Joshua Frank / June 28, 2023

Jon Rice of Blockworks joins the podcast to discuss quality crypto journalism, producing quality content, AI, and mainstream adoption of digital assets.

By Joshua Frank / June 26, 2023

David Weinstein of NEAR Foundation joins the podcast to discuss Layer 1s, NEAR’s Blockchain Operating System, and the intersection of crypto and AI.

By Joshua Frank / May 08, 2023

Guy Hirsch of Kraken joins the podcast to discuss Kraken’s differentiation, challenges of operating a crypto exchange in North America, and emerging areas in crypto.

By Joshua Frank / May 03, 2023

Alex Elkrief of at Fractal Protocol joins the podcast to discuss the evolving DeFi landscape, Fractal, and building digital asset infrastructure for institutions.

By Joshua Frank / May 03, 2023

Andrew Gibb of Twinstake joins the podcast to discuss how Shanghai/Capella will impact ETH prices, building staking solutions for institutions, regulation, & the future of digital assets.

By Joshua Frank / February 08, 2023

Mo Shaikh (Co-Founder & CEO at Aptos) joins The Tie‘s Fundamental Value podcast to discuss layer 1s, real world use cases for crypto and accessibility of blockchain technology. Spotify Link Apple Podcast Link

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