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By Joshua Frank / May 08, 2023

Guy Hirsch of Kraken joins the podcast to discuss Kraken’s differentiation, challenges of operating a crypto exchange in North America, and emerging areas in crypto.

By Joshua Frank / May 03, 2023

Alex Elkrief of at Fractal Protocol joins the podcast to discuss the evolving DeFi landscape, Fractal, and building digital asset infrastructure for institutions.

By Joshua Frank / May 03, 2023

Andrew Gibb of Twinstake joins the podcast to discuss how Shanghai/Capella will impact ETH prices, building staking solutions for institutions, regulation, & the future of digital assets.

By Joshua Frank / February 08, 2023

Mo Shaikh (Co-Founder & CEO at Aptos) joins The Tie‘s Fundamental Value podcast to discuss layer 1s, real world use cases for crypto and accessibility of blockchain technology. Spotify Link Apple Podcast Link

By Joshua Frank / February 06, 2023

Rob Hadick (General Partner at Dragonfly) joins The Tie‘s Fundamental Value podcast to discuss finding investment opportunities, investing in tokens and equities, and the future of crypto growth investing post-FTX. Spotify Link Apple Podcast Link

By Jack Melnick / December 14, 2022

Many of crypto’s recent failures were driven by centralized offerings of on-chain products. As the complexity and success of DeFi rises, with regulation unable to keep pace, we will look to answer a few questions

By Vaish Puri / December 07, 2022

EigenLayer is pitched as a general-purpose marketplace for decentralized trust built on Ethereum. Essentially, introducing a method of internalizing modularity by redirecting trust within the Ethereum ecosystem. The core value proposition behind EigenLayer lies in its “restaking” service and Eigen data availability (EigenDA).

By Kingsley Bowen / December 02, 2022

Introduction The traditional banking system has shortcomings: lack of ability to self-custody, costly remittances & settlement processes, and narrow financial inclusion. Stablecoins and central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) address these shortcomings and serve as stable, dollar-denominated digital currencies suitable for store of value and daily transactions.  A stablecoin is a cryptocurrency that’s price is tied […]

By Gustavo Lobo / November 22, 2022

Introduction to Curve Curve was founded by Michael Egorov, a Russian physicist and entrepreneur who had previously co-founded an encryption protocol for big data called NuCypher, in early 2020. While serving as NuCypher’s CTO, Egorov studied the concepts of liquid staking and bonding curves, which ultimately led him to develop an algorithm designed for low-slippage […]

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