Event Recap – InnovateAustin, Presented by The Tie

By Tyler Fleischer
June 07, 2024

On Thursday, May 30th, 2024, The Tie hosted InnovateAustin. Innovate is an event series presented by The Tie around crypto’s major conferences, where investors and builders come together to engage in discussions that strengthen the industry’s momentum and increase interest in digital assets.

InnovateAustin was the second of these invitation-only events, hosted alongside Consensus 2024.

InnovateAustin featured three key pillars: networking with top-tier industry professionals, expert-led panels, and opportunities for 1:1 meetings with blockchain innovators. Over the course of the day, we learned from 55 industry leaders, helped facilitate 100s of introductions between tokens and institutions, and had more than 350 firms in attendance.

Some key highlights included:

  • The panel “With Bitcoin ETFs Here, What Comes Next for Institutions?” explored what’s in store for Institutions, including staking, options, and the possibility of ETFs for other digital assets.
  • The surge of L1 and L2 options has led to diverse opinions on their benefits and trade-offs. The one consensus was that the future is a multi-chain world, not a winner-take-all scenario.
  • Regulation continues to be front and center, particularly in the U.S. with recent crypto-related activity in Washington D.C. With the upcoming presidential election, many will be following closely to see if the U.S. will assume a leadership role in the industry.
  • Despite differing opinions on whether a bull market has arrived, venture investors agreed that avoiding FOMO and proper due diligence are necessary in any market and across all investment stages.

A special thank you to our host, Easy Tiger South. Stay tuned for more content from InnovateAustin and details on future events.

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Tyler Fleischer

Tyler Fleischer

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