Event Recap – InnovateDenver, Presented by The Tie

By Tyler Fleischer
March 07, 2024

On Wednesday, February 28th, 2024, The Tie hosted our inaugural Innovate event, InnovateDenver. Innovate is an event series presented by The Tie around crypto’s major conferences, where investors and builders come together to engage in discussions that strengthen the industry’s momentum and increase interest in digital assets. 

InnovateDenver was the first of these invitation-only events, hosted alongside ETH Denver 2024.

InnovateDenver featured three key pillars: networking with top-tier industry professionals, expert-led panels, and opportunities for 1:1 meetings with blockchain innovators. Over the course of the day, we learned from 55 industry leaders, helped facilitate more than 200 introductions between tokens and institutions, and had more than 165 firms in attendance.

Some key highlights included:

  • InnovateDenver’s Keynote Panel, "Is the Future Monolithic L1s or Modular L2s?" provided an engaging debate on the future of monolithic vs. modular blockchains. Distinguished panelists Marc Boiron, (CEO, Polygon Labs), David Schwartz, (Chief Technology Officer, Ripple), Keone Hon, (Co-Founder & CEO, Monad Labs), Mo Shaikh, (Co-Founder & CEO, Aptos Labs), and Nick White, (COO, Celestia Labs) discussed the benefits and drawbacks of monolithic vs. modular design, and the implications for applications that build on top of each. This lively conversation centered on the fact that some applications demand airtight security, while scalability is crucial for others.
  • While there was unanimous acknowledgment of a surge in capital inflows into the crypto market, enthusiasm varied widely regarding investment stages and sectors, indicating a multitude of promising opportunities on the horizon.
  • Tokenomics matter the most when evaluating a project, everything else is speculation.
  • Bitcoin dominated the conversation, breaking through $60,000 the morning of InnovateDenver as it approached its all-time high less than a week after the event.

A special thank you to our host, Blue Moon Brewing Company. Stay tuned for more content from InnovateDenver and details on our next Innovate event.

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