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Introducing The Tie Terminal On-Chain Signal

By Jake Langer
December 20, 2023

The Tie proudly announces the addition of On-Chain Signal in The Tie Terminal, an innovative feature that transforms raw blockchain data into real-time, actionable insights. 

Traditionally, publications have covered some major on-chain events, but their capacity to identify and report every actionable insight is limited. By the time these articles are published, the window for trading opportunities has often closed. Moreover, the coverage of on-chain events is inherently subjective, influenced by the perspectives of writers and editors.

While analysts and researchers are equipped with on-chain dashboards and tools, they face the challenge of manually sifting through vast amounts of data. This labor-intensive process, which often requires parsing through a substantial volume of irrelevant information, does not ensure the identification of every potential opportunity.

The Tie's On-Chain Signal addresses these challenges head-on. Utilizing advanced AI technology, it analyzes the universe of blockchain data to pinpoint and notify Terminal users in real-time of significant on-chain events. On-Chain Signal then generates detailed, article-style summaries that not only highlight key aspects of these events, but also provide context to their significance.

For instance, if a token's early holders, such as founding members or investors, are selling unusually large quantities, On-Chain Signal will generate a 'headline' followed by a more detailed summary. This article-style summary includes charts and time-series data, offering insights into whether the on-chain activity presents a trading or investment opportunity.

While this is just one example, On-Chain Signal adeptly identifies patterns and abnormalities across various on-chain event types. These include DEX swaps, deposits, and withdrawals, CEX withdrawals and deposits, changes in active addresses, and more. The scope of event types covered by On-Chain Signal will continue to expand over time.

When a significant event is detected, On-Chain Signal goes a step further by integrating insights from other areas of the Terminal. For example, an On-Chain Signal alert may reference news articles, changes in key metrics like price, trading volume, and sentiment since the event, offering a comprehensive understanding without needing to navigate to different areas of the Terminal. Users can customize On-Chain Signal using filters for specific coins, transaction types, or transaction amounts, allowing for focused analysis on events that meet their criteria.

Terminal users can utilize On-Chain Signal via a dedicated Dashboard component, as well as within News Feeds. On the Terminal’s News tab, there is a dedicated feed of all On-Chain Signal events, which can be filtered to reflect individual tokens, watchlists, or specific event types. On-Chain Signal can also be added to any existing News Feed as a source - when adding On-Chain Signal as a source, users will see these updates alongside other news that fits the specifications of the News Feed in a consolidated view.

When On-Chain Signal events appear in News Feeds, they’ll display a green tag for the corresponding asset. Just like any other News item, clicking on this tag will reveal a price impact chart and further details about the event. Clicking the article’s headline will display the expanded article-style description of the event.

Furthermore, On-Chain Signal's integration with News allows users to set alerts for significant on-chain events. Users can create alerts for any News Feed that includes On-Chain Signal as a source, ensuring real-time updates are delivered to their preferred platform.

On-Chain Signal in The Tie Terminal not only simplifies the discovery of actionable opportunities, but also delivers a wealth of information and context that enables users to make more informed investment and trading decisions.

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Jake Langer

Jake Langer

Jake Langer, Author at The Tie

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