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By Jake Langer
May 22, 2024

At The Tie Labs, we specialize in empowering token issuers to make more effective, data-driven go-to-market decisions. Our in-depth analysis helps identify strategic opportunities for growth and engagement, with actionable recommendations to help your project achieve its most pressing business objectives.

In an increasingly competitive market, token projects must consider a range of factors in their pursuit for growing value. From market trends and social media engagement, to on-chain user acquisition and retention, in-depth developer analytics and quantifying the impact of go-to-market initiatives and partnerships, we provide a holistic view of your project's standing across the market and relative to key competitors. Our expertise helps projects navigate crypto's competitive landscape, with data-driven insights that help identify areas of opportunity and sustain growth.

The examples that follow focus on The Tie Labs coverage of Developer Activity, highlighting our capabilities, and diving into cases in which Labs delivered clients valuable context, insight, and recommendations about developer talent.


Fostering an active developer community is crucial for the success of any blockchain project. Labs leverages The Tie’s differentiated Developer Data to deliver unique insights into the health and dynamics of crypto projects’ development communities. Our data can help answer a range of questions about a project’s developers, including their global distribution, engagement levels, as well as comparisons to key competitors. These insights can aid projects in planning strategic initiatives that increase developer activity. 

The Tie Labs can identify key characteristics of top crypto developers, such as their contributions to various projects, preferred technologies, and patterns of migration between projects. From these details, we can deliver your project a nuanced understanding of what attracts and retains developer talent. 

Our analysis and tools can be used to craft targeted campaigns to attract developers with relevant skill sets, programming languages, and backgrounds and to target competitors' top developer talent.

Identify your development community's global distribution to implement region-specific initiatives in areas of opportunity.

Many projects are unaware of the geographic distribution of their developers, and how it changes over time - with even less visibility into their competitors' landscapes. The Tie Labs can help your project discover where your developer community is distributed (both regionally and nationally), and how that distribution compares to competitive projects. Using these insights, Labs can offer recommendations on initiatives to attract developer talent in those regions.

Using insights from The Tie Labs' comprehensive data analysis, you can more strategically align your initiatives with specific regional interests, technological trends, and developer needs. For instance, based on findings from our Developer Data, Labs has recommended to clients that hosting hackathons, workshops, or partnership programs would particularly resonate in specific regions. With a post-event analysis, Labs further contextualizes the effectiveness of our clients’ initiatives, gauging their success in attracting incremental developer talent.

We conducted a geographical study on development activity for an ecosystem client and three of their top competitors. The client used this data to understand how developer talent was distributed around the world, both for their project and competitors. Prior to engaging with The Tie Labs, the client had also done hackathons in two eastern European countries, but were not able to confirm whether these initiatives were successful. By working with Labs, we were able to verify that there was increased developer activity in these regions following their initiatives.

Compare developer engagement across projects

A Labs client was looking to quantify and compare developer activity (on the basis of commits per author) relative to their competitors. They had just released an updated Software Development Kit (SDK) as well as other Developer Relations (DevRel) enhancements, and wanted to verify whether these initiatives were successful in increasing development activity.

By analyzing changes in developer engagement, contribution patterns, and overall community activity post-implementation, we were able to confirm that their strategic approach had driven a 67% increase in monthly commits per author on their project. This insight was crucial to our clients to prove the business case for future initiatives designed to increase developer engagement.

Target developers for your token or ecosystem

Developers are a critical part in ensuring the success of your project, or in the case of L1s and L2s key to the development of a thriving ecosystem. Using The Tie’s proprietary developer and social analytics, we can help tokens identify relevant developers for their projects. Via our developer database we can help tokens identify developers that know the same or similar programming languages, that have recently stopped writing commits to a relevant competitive project - potentially signaling they are looking for their next opportunity, or that have a clear track record of shipping code. We can associate this developer activity data with corresponding social accounts to enable your team to run targeted outreach to emerging development talent and grow your developer base. 

Beyond just looking at developer data, we have built proprietary tooling to monitor what brand new token projects the top VCs have recently followed on Twitter, often identifying promising new projects before they even hit their first 100 followers. We have leveraged these insights to enable our blockchain clients to reach out to these projects at their earliest stage to convince them to deploy on their chain or for investment opportunities.  

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