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The Tie Labs Social Media and News Impact Case Studies

By Tyler Fleischer
June 27, 2024

At The Tie Labs, we specialize in empowering token issuers to make more effective, data-driven go-to-market decisions. Our in-depth analysis helps identify strategic opportunities for growth and engagement, with actionable recommendations to help your project achieve its most pressing business objectives.

In an increasingly competitive market, token projects must consider a range of factors in their pursuit for growing value. From market trends and social media engagement, to on-chain user acquisition and retention, in-depth developer analytics and quantifying the impact of go-to-market initiatives and partnerships, we provide a holistic view of your project's standing across the market and relative to key competitors. Our expertise helps projects navigate crypto's competitive landscape, with data-driven insights that help identify areas of opportunity and sustain growth.

The examples that follow focus on The Tie Labs coverage of Social Media and News, highlighting our capabilities, and diving into cases in which Labs delivered clients valuable context, insight, and recommendations.


Social Media activity and News coverage play a crucial role in shaping the perception and value of projects. These platforms act as vital conduits for information, sentiment, and trends, influencing a project’s existing community and attracting newcomers. 

Leveraging access to Twitter’s firehose and data from all leading social media platforms, best-in-class news tagging for thousands of relevant sources, and monitoring of  hundreds of token blogs, Medium pages, and Social Media profiles with 5+ years of history, The Tie Labs is uniquely positioned to deliver actionable insights around a token’s social media presence and news coverage. Working with The Tie Labs, projects can better optimize their social media strategies and align with KOLs and publications that are poised to deliver maximum impact.

Understand where around the world your social conversation is higher or lower than your competitors. 

A Labs client sought to pinpoint the global origins of discussions surrounding their project on Twitter, specifically which geographies were generating Twitter conversations about their project. In our analysis, we extracted daily tweet volumes at the regional level. The analysis showed that while the USA and Europe saw the highest conversation volumes, there was a notable increase in conversation in Africa, starting around May 2023. The sustained growth of conversation volume in Africa coincided with several initiatives led in that region, including hackathons.

As many tokens aim to penetrate global markets, Social Media activity serves as a key indicator to understand engagement in different areas. The Tie Labs has access to extensive Social Media data that can showcase conversation volumes not only at the regional level as shown in the chart above, but also on an individual country level - helping projects understand where they or their competitors are successfully driving conversation, as well as areas of opportunity. We have helped our clients gain a deep understanding of geographic regions in which their competitors have strong penetration - and provided actionable recommendations and targeted campaigns to expand their social media presence in those areas.

Get deep insights on Social Media conversations for your project and competitors.

A Labs client was interested in how their project and ecosystem were being perceived and discussed in relation to other crypto projects Twitter. Based on their interest, we analyzed all Twitter conversations around their project, and isolated the conversations in which key opinion leaders and influencers mentioned them alongside other projects.

By identifying the projects and ecosystems mentioned alongside their own, we provided the client with important context around their competitive set. In this example, we analyzed Twitter conversations, but are equipped to run similar analyses against News mentions, Reddit, as well as other Social Media platforms on request. This competitive data is useful and actionable in many cases, including: to understand who specifically comprises your competitive set, to contextualize the impact of rebrands or partnership initiatives, or to quantify whether a strategic pivot into a new sector creates alignment with similar projects. 

Learn how to optimize an announcement, and how you can use data to increase the impact of your news. 

An ecosystem client sought insights into the historical effectiveness of their announcements, and strategies for increasing Twitter engagement in future partnerships/announcements. Our analysis revealed that news and announcements significantly increase social conversation, for up to at least 7 days following the announcement.

Additionally, we advised on selecting the right publications to ensure maximum discussion, with reporting that showcased the number of articles (and tweets) mentioning our client’s project across all leading crypto publications (and their corresponding Twitter handles). We also shared best practices for engaging Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) on Twitter to broaden the visibility and impact of their announcements, partnerships, and roadmap developments.

Using our News and Social Media data, Labs can calculate the average price impact following announcements for any token or set of tokens. The figure below reflects one such analysis, done on behalf of a client who wanted to understand returns following announcements across several timeframes (6h, 1d, 3d) for their key competitors. 

Through our best-in-class News tagging and categorization, combined with our unique access to Twitter’s firehose, along with our robust market data, we’re able to analyze and visualize changes in the market following key announcements. What’s more, these analyses are not limited to price - Labs can assess the impact of announcements on trading volume, on-chain activity, social conversation, and many more metrics that equip projects with important context around how announcements affect the market.

Optimizing social media engagement with data-driven strategies around time-of-day, frequency, and impact of your posts.

Labs can deliver data-driven guidance on social media best practices, including insights into how the timing of posts—both the time of day and day of the week—can significantly influence the extent of their reach.

In this example, we helped a client optimize their social media strategy to better align with their community’s activity patterns on Twitter. Leveraging our unique access to Twitter data, we can provide projects a deeper understanding of when to post updates, helping them reach their audience when they’re most active.

Another key consideration for Social Media management is post frequency. Posting updates on Social Media is important for any project to maintain a community, however posting too frequently can have a negative impact on engagement. In this analysis, we were able to show that accounts posting ~5x/day generate the strongest engagement on a per-tweet basis, with diminishing returns against more frequent daily updates.

Follower growth is another major KPI  for many projects, as well as contextualizing their account’s growth against key competitors. While metrics for your own account are relatively accessible, it is more difficult to understand and compare your own growth to your competitive set. In this example, we observed multiple spikes in follower growth relative to our client’s competitors, and were able to help them optimize their future content strategy around the types of posts that generated those spikes.

Labs can offer insight into more specific best practices as well. In this example, Labs analyzed engagement on Twitter Threads, looking at the impact of thread length. The analysis showed that Twitter Threads with 8 tweets generated the most engagement, but notably spiked again at 12 tweets. While engagement depends on other factors like the content itself, this guidance helped our client understand general best practices to drive engagement when sharing communications via Tweet Threads.


The Tie Labs combines extensive datasets with crypto-native expertise to help projects grow their token’s value and achieve their most pressing business goals. While each project’s objectives will vary, The Tie Labs can provide insight into historical and current performance on a wide variety of metrics, as well as deliver data-driven recommendations to optimize future strategic decisions. Whether it’s to gain developers, improve on-chain initiatives, or maximize engagement on Social Media, The Tie Labs is armed with a wealth of information for both your project and any key competitors. 

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