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By Jackson Moss / January 10, 2022

Who should you be following on Twitter? Whether you’re an aspiring degen who is just getting started or a seasoned vet who has survived many ruggings, your Twitter feed is an important component to what you know and when you know it.  In crypto, Twitter is essential. We all know this. The platform has become […]

By Jackson Moss / January 04, 2022

Introduction: Asset prices matter To a rational value investor, the prices immediately before and immediately after a 3:1 stock split are immaterial. The fact that the stock now trades at $20 instead of $60 does not change the market capitalization of the underlying business unit. It also does not alter the underlying’s ability to generate […]

By Jack Melnick / December 03, 2021

Rugseekers, the People’s Champion: Everyone has a different reaction to their first bad investment. Some people react by moving into safer assets. Some by doubling down on a yet riskier bet to try to recoup their losses. Some, apparently, form vigilante task forces – and I quote – “patrolling the darkest corners of the crypto […]

By Erik Saberski / August 09, 2021

Have you ever wondered if YouTube videos influence the crypto markets? The TIE has identified cases where big influencer have moved markets, so let’s dive into the data.

By Treyce Dahlem / August 02, 2021

Lately, two prominent figures have had their way with the cryptocurrency markets via their Twitter activity; Elon Musk and Michael Saylor. Let’s analyze the impact of their tweets in relation to crypto prices.

By Erik Saberski / February 11, 2021

The research below is an excerpt from our Q3 Quarterly Report in partnership with eToro! Read the full report here: The TIE & eToro Q3 Quarterly Report What Actually Moves the Prices of Cryptocurrencies? On July 11, 2019, Donald Trump tweeted, “I am not a fan of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies, which are not money, and […]

By Erik Saberski / February 05, 2021

Ever wonder if developer activity drives cryptocurrency price? We explored if there are any trade-able insights to be gained from GitHub commits.

By Erik Saberski / February 04, 2021

It’s easy to tell if it’s Summer or Winter – it’s not so easy to tell if it is “Alt Season”. We parsed through our data to see if we could figure out what signals the start of alt season.

By Treyce Dahlem / February 03, 2021

Coinbase’s large user base, combined with relatively limited asset offerings, has created an environment in which new asset listings create massive hype. But how do listings impact the price of digital assets?

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