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Introducing Frosty Metrics Chill Factor

By Jake Langer
May 22, 2024

Frosty Metrics Chill Factor: A Leaderboard for Avalanche On-Chain Activity

Avalanche users - we're thrilled to introduce the all-new Frosty Metrics Chill Factor - a leaderboard and ranking system that quantifies your engagement with major verticals like DeFi, Gaming, and NFTs on the Avalanche C-Chain. Simply input any AVAX wallet address, and you'll get a quantified representation of that wallet's engagement across the Avalanche ecosystem.

Chill Factor is a composite score comprised of three key metrics: Participation, Consistency, and Diversity. Together, these elements create a unified Chill Factor score that ranges from Warm to the ultra-cool SubZero tier. By actively engaging with various products and protocols on Avalanche, you can increase your Chill Factor and climb the ranks.

Let's break down these three core components of Chill Factor:

  • Participation: This metric captures your general on-chain activity, such as placing transactions, spending gas, and more.
  • Consistency: As the name suggests, this score increases through recurring activity on the Avalanche C-Chain month-over-month.
  • Diversity: This score is based on the variety of your activity, including the number of contracts you've interacted with, distinct NFTs owned or traded, and ERC20 tokens transacted.

Any engagement with the Avalanche C-Chain earns you points that contribute to your overall Chill Factor. These points accrue cumulatively and never decrease, incentivizing sustained participation and engagement. The Chill Factor algorithm is designed to balance various factors, encouraging users to explore the depth and breadth of the Avalanche ecosystem.

Certain transactions can earn you points across multiple scores simultaneously. For instance, buying an NFT from a new collection can boost both your Diversity and Participation metrics.

To help you level up even faster, Chill Factor offers Checkpoints - specific objectives that create multipliers on point accrual once completed. Achieving these Checkpoints can expedite your journey to achieving a higher Chill Factor.

Looking for ways to grow your Chill Factor? Here's a pro tip: Try to engage with as many different projects and protocols as possible, as being highly active on just one platform will have diminishing returns on your Chill Factor's growth over time.

Thanks to its integration with the broader Frosty Metrics interface, Chill Factor provides ample opportunities to discover new projects to engage with. From DeFi to NFTs to Gaming, Frosty Metrics offers deep insights into the top and emerging projects throughout the Avalanche ecosystem, empowering you to explore and diversify your on-chain activity.

On the Chill Factor interface you'll find a Share button, enabling you to showcase your Chill Factor on social media and foster some friendly competition in the quest to hit the SubZero tier.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to Frosty Metrics, input your AVAX wallet address, and start your journey to achieving the coveted SubZero Chill Factor status!

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