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By Alex Green / August 23, 2023

Recapping the Q3 Tezos State of the Ecosystem call, where key leaders at the Tezos Foundation discussed the latest developments across its primary verticals, Arts & Culture, DeFi, and Blockchain Gaming.

By Jake Langer / July 25, 2023

We have integrated Tezos on-chain data into The Tie Terminal and On-Chain API. Read more to see how this integration enables Terminal users to make more informed decisions.

By Vaish Puri / October 25, 2022

If you missed our webinar with Maple Finance, Centrifuge, and Goldfinch last week, check it out here. The financial industry is on the verge of transformation. DeFi is slowly expanding beyond cryptocurrencies to have an influence in the real world. As more assets are tokenized, conventional capital markets are also moving toward blockchain.  Simultaneously, the […]

By Joshua Frank / September 13, 2022

Thomas Chen (Managing Director and Global Head of Sales @ BitGo) joins The TIE’s Fundamental Value podcast to discuss building a digital asset prime brokerage, custodying NFT’s for Fortune 500 companies, and shifting demands among institutional market participants. Spotify Link Apple Podcast Link

By Kingsley Bowen / August 19, 2022

If you are unfamiliar with GameFi, here is a good primer. If you are unfamiliar with the Avalanche project and what it offers as a scaling solution, here is an overview of the ecosystem.  There are a number of factors that have made blockchain-based games unenjoyable to play: high costs, slow response times, poor graphics, […]

By Jack Melnick / June 17, 2022

State of NFT Liquidity NFTs are, by nature, non-fungible. This has caused issues around provision of deep liquidity and regular trading markets. Historically, this thin liquidity has been a driven by a few main factors:  Over the past year, an under-the-radar, but incredibly effective, NFT marketplace known as Sudoswap has built up a loyal fanbase. […]

By Jack Melnick / January 12, 2022

While building the most technologically advanced, futuristic protocols imaginable is sexy, fundamentals are just as important. Olympus DAO exploded this year offering insane APYs with a singular goal: to become the currency on which DeFi is built. While such lofty visions sound ridiculous, there is a real need for crypto-native and decentralized options as building […]

By Treyce Dahlem / May 04, 2021

NFTs are everywhere from Saturday Night Live to The New York Time’s covering the historic $69M sale of Bleep’s JPG file. In NFTs: Beyond The Hype, we break down what an NFT is and what the ecosystem looks like.

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