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Introducing HBAR Insights

By Tyler Fleischer
June 27, 2024

We’re very excited to announce the rollout of the HBAR Insights Dashboard, along with the integration of Hedera on-chain data across the Tie Terminal and in our On-Chain API. With this release, The Tie Terminal’s institutional client base has access to a comprehensive suite of analytics on Hedera-based assets, as well as the ability to compare Hedera ecosystem activity to other leading Layer 1s supported on The Tie Terminal.

On-Chain data provides crucial context around the performance and usage of the network and its decentralized applications. With access to Hedera blockchain data via The Tie Terminal, investors and traders stand to gain invaluable insights, make more informed decisions, and develop a deeper understanding of the assets and projects they’re evaluating. With this integration, The Tie’s extensive network of more than 150 leading institutions is equipped with deep coverage of one of the most rapidly expanding ecosystems in digital assets.

In partnership with the HBAR Foundation, we’re also excited to announce the launch of HBAR Insights, a free-to-use public Dashboard showcasing key on- and off-chain metrics around HBAR, the coin that powers the Hedera network, and its native ecosystem economies - delivering increased transparency and visibility around all things Hedera.

At the very top of the HBAR Insights webpage, you’ll find key overview metrics like Total Transactions (30D), 30D TPS, Latency, Accounts Created (30D), and TVL. Over the last 30 days, more than four billion transactions have been made on the Hedera network, with an impressive 11,411 max TPS in the same period. These metrics provide a snapshot of performance over the past month, with considerable opportunities for further exploration moving down the page.

HBAR Insights features important details around its unique validator structure - including an Uptime Tracker for Hedera’s Mainnet, Testnet, and Previewnet, Validator Distribution by Country (with % of Validators and a trendline showing Stake Weight), as well as a Stake Weight Graph that provides a visual representation of HBAR’s highly decentralized network.

As users continue exploring the HBAR Insights dashboard, they will find crucial details about the Hedera ecosystem’s development landscape. Dedicated components enable tracking New & Churned Developers, monitoring Active Developers and Commits, and seeing the network’s GitHub repositories that are the most active across different timeframes.

In the Assets section of the HBAR Insights dashboard, users will find two screener views that deliver key details about Top Tokenized Assets and Top NFT Collections on Hedera, with the ability to adjust for several time periods (7D, 30D, 3M, 6M, 1Y, YTD). Over the last six months, the network’s leading DEX SaucerSwap has had more than 46k unique users (225% growth in this period) and driven more than $4B in volume in the same period (378% growth).

In the Activity section of the dashboard, there are several components that deliver insight into different areas of the HBAR ecosystem. The Ecosystem Market Cap and TVL chart showcases those two metrics over time, inclusive of all projects on Hedera. Recent News taps into thousands of unique news sources to deliver stories that mention Hedera and projects built on the network.

Track HBAR Account Growth over time in a dedicated chart, and view key stats for top assets including Transactions, Volume, Unique Users, and Total Supply. Notably, on May 15th 2024, more than 82k accounts were created on Hedera, a YTD high. Additionally, view Transaction Volume broken out by key services across the Hedera network. Lastly, a dedicated component shows Social Conversation volumes (Twitter & YouTube) over time.

Through this curated collection of both on- and off-chain metrics, the HBAR Insights Dashboard delivers a comprehensive overview of the Hedera network and associated ecosystem projects, giving users a wealth of insights and opportunities for further exploration. Find the Dashboard at

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Tyler Fleischer

Tyler Fleischer

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