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By Al-Muthanna Atieh / May 15, 2024

This recap covers our Hedera Q2 State of the Ecosystem call, detailing DeFi advancements, a massive HBAR ecosystem grant, SaucerSwap’s innovative Auto Pools, and HBAR’s plans for enhanced interoperability.

By Chí Phan / September 15, 2023

Unpacking the current state of decentralized exchanges (DEXs), advantages and disadvantages to CEXs, and exploring innovative models gaining traction in DeFi.

By Kingsley Bowen / September 07, 2022

Introduction Decentralized exchanges, or DEXs, are a fundamental building block of DeFi that facilitate the trade of cryptocurrencies without a middleman. DEXs serve as the primary medium for new cryptocurrencies to achieve price discovery, as traders swap established currencies for fledgling projects. DEXs also provide a local exchange rate between two or more cryptocurrencies.  In […]

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