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By Jack Melnick / May 10, 2022

As you may have noticed, things in the market have been volatile lately.  Yesterday’s lunacy, pun fully intended, was driven by idiosyncratic factors, but there was also secular risk from Terra’s model that bears had noted for months. Much of this was influenced by Luna’s well known mint-and-burn mechanic.  As the circulating supply of UST […]

By Jack Melnick / December 22, 2021

With the holidays coming up, many of us will have a bit of extra cash on hand. At the same time, with markets de-risking and Bitcoin not looking ready to lead an immediate move higher, the ability to find yield in low risk assets is at an all time premium. Thankfully, we here at the […]

By Tommy Schreiner / August 04, 2021

Blockchains and stablecoins share one critical weakness: they are useless without adoption.  Most ecosystems take the approach of “build it and they will come.” That is to say; if the tech stack is good enough, projects will want to use them or at the very least port over from their main chain (e.g. Sushiswap launches […]

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