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By Tyler Fleischer / June 20, 2023

On July 5th, join Polygon leaders for a discussion about recent use cases, platform updates, and partnerships from Q2. As well as an outlook for Q3 and beyond.

By Vaish Puri / July 22, 2022

At their heart, blockchains are trust machines. Evaluating trust, let alone a chain’s performance, is not a routine task. Amongst the many tools used to quickly evaluate a chain’s performance, transactions per second (TPS) stands out as the most widely recognized one. TPS is often characterized as a reflection of a chain’s throughput, when in […]

By Justin Barlow / August 17, 2021

Introduction Ethereum has had an enormous inflow of new users in recent months, with over 3 million unique addresses created over the last 30 days. While growth in the Ethereum ecosystem has been positive for the market as a whole, it has also demonstrated some of the notable shortcomings of Ethereum. For one, decentralized applications […]

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