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By Gustavo Lobo / May 26, 2022

Introduction A blockchain oracle is a third party data-feed that serves as a bridge between blockchains and data that exists off-chain. In our last piece, we talked about what blockchain oracles are, the problem they’re looking to solve, and why they’re a crucial part of the reliability and scalability of smart contracts. The immense growth […]

By Jack Melnick / February 09, 2022

Over the opening month of 2022 there has been a LOT of drama in Crypto. The lead Treasurer of Wonderland.Money, 0xSifu, was revealed to be QuadrigaCX’s co-founder Michael Patryn. On top of that, the other co-founder, Dani, knew it was the case and unilaterally withheld the information from the ‘DAO’. Investors were displeased (duh) when […]

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