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By Vaish Puri / December 07, 2022

EigenLayer is pitched as a general-purpose marketplace for decentralized trust built on Ethereum. Essentially, introducing a method of internalizing modularity by redirecting trust within the Ethereum ecosystem. The core value proposition behind EigenLayer lies in its “restaking” service and Eigen data availability (EigenDA).

By Vaish Puri / August 11, 2022

About a decade into the blockchain industry’s development, early adopters realized that a hidden form of centralization was taking place. As a chain grew utilization, it became longer, which decreased the computational and bandwidth capacity. Over time, nodes with the highest network and operational capacity would dominate, driving towards centralization.  In July 2019 incubation company, […]

By Vaish Puri / May 06, 2022

Jump to: “I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing” – Socrates  There has been a lot of palpable fervor lately surrounding L2 scaling solutions, and rightfully so. With Optimism releasing a governance token, demand for lower gas fees on ETH mainnet, and a litany of new ideas being produced at back-to-back […]

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