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By Jackson Moss / January 10, 2022

Who should you be following on Twitter? Whether you’re an aspiring degen who is just getting started or a seasoned vet who has survived many ruggings, your Twitter feed is an important component to what you know and when you know it.  In crypto, Twitter is essential. We all know this. The platform has become […]

By Jackson Moss / January 04, 2022

Introduction: Asset prices matter To a rational value investor, the prices immediately before and immediately after a 3:1 stock split are immaterial. The fact that the stock now trades at $20 instead of $60 does not change the market capitalization of the underlying business unit. It also does not alter the underlying’s ability to generate […]

By Jackson Moss / April 30, 2021

Importance of Asset Correlations  Many investors subscribe to Modern portfolio theory (MPT). MPT provides a model for how risk-averse investors can construct portfolios that maximize risk-adjusted returns (Sharpe ratio). It’s a widely known approach that characterizes the investment decisions of some of the largest asset managers. Roughly, the goal is to have a high Sharpe […]

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