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By Tyler Fleischer / November 08, 2023

The Bridge, The Tie’s inaugural crypto corporate access event, convened hundreds of executives from leading traditional institutions and digital asset firms at the New York Stock Exchange. The conference brought together blockchain’s premier innovators with leading buy-side institutions to discuss key themes such as the potential impact of a spot Bitcoin ETF, the rise in demand for qualified custodians, and the use of blockchains for tokenization.

By TJ Keel / February 16, 2023

Market Impacts of Kraken’s SEC Settlement On the evening of February 8th, Brian Armstrong, the CEO of Coinbase, took to Twitter to address rumors surrounding the SEC’s purported plan to restrict institutions from providing staking services to retail customers. This announcement had an immediate impact on the market, as Ethereum’s value plummeted by 6.5% within […]

By Joshua Frank / January 24, 2023

Brian Crain (Co-Founder & CEO of Chorus One) joins The Tie’s Fundamental Value podcast to discuss the Cosmos ecosystem, crypto staking, governance, and strategic investing. Spotify Link Apple Podcast Link

By Joshua Frank / December 01, 2022

Staking for PoS validation helps secure the blockchain, producing a real effect on efficiency of the chain, while simultaneously allowing institutional investors to earn rewards on crypto investments. What do institutions need to know before staking assets? What are the risks associated with staking and how can they be mitigated? Joshua Frank, Co-Founder & CEO, […]

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