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By TJ Keel / December 15, 2022

For a technical introduction to MEV post-merge, check out our earlier report.  The State of MEV Censorship Not all validators explicitly and purposefully propose blocks built by MEV relays. Many propose vanilla blocks–or blocks selected from the mempool without overt consideration of ordering, and purely based on priority fees and block limits. For instance, Coinbase, […]

By Vaish Puri / December 07, 2022

EigenLayer is pitched as a general-purpose marketplace for decentralized trust built on Ethereum. Essentially, introducing a method of internalizing modularity by redirecting trust within the Ethereum ecosystem. The core value proposition behind EigenLayer lies in its “restaking” service and Eigen data availability (EigenDA).

By Vaish Puri / August 30, 2022

Ethereum’s nature to forever grow increasingly complex is also its curse. This complexity is facilitated by its core development: smart contracts. This new, radical tool enabled developers to chart boldly into the realm of decentralized finance, where we’ve witnessed explosive growth and volatility. However, novel systems bring novel risks. Maximal/Miner Extractable Value (MEV), is one […]

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