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By Vaish Puri / August 11, 2022

About a decade into the blockchain industry’s development, early adopters realized that a hidden form of centralization was taking place. As a chain grew utilization, it became longer, which decreased the computational and bandwidth capacity. Over time, nodes with the highest network and operational capacity would dominate, driving towards centralization.  In July 2019 incubation company, […]

By Chí Phan / August 09, 2022

When discussing and analyzing project tokenomics, investors tend to focus on three main areas: –           Token distribution & allocation–           Token utility –           Token supply and unlock schedule Although these three factors are undoubtedly critical, understanding the fundamental characteristics of both tokenizing […]

By Jack Melnick / August 03, 2022

Over the past few weeks, vote-escrow (or ve) tokens have seen an outsized move in both discussion and price. Through the Coins Profile on SigDev, I was able to quickly pinpoint and evaluate the events that caused spikes. The Coins Profile is a new product we just rolled out that gives users a comprehensive overview […]

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